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Packages - Overview

Business Website Design Packages

At, we specialise in fast website design and offer two packages: Starter and Premium.


Get started quickly with our three web-page site design.


A three-page business website is a great way to get started with your online presence, exhibit your work, and introduce your potential clients to your services or products. By showcasing your skills and talents on a business website, you can increase the perceived value of your work and attract new business opportunities.


Showcase your services with our five web-page site design.


A five-page business portfolio website can establish credibility with customers, highlight your products or services, and keep people up-to-date with your company. It’s also a great platform for blogging.

We can create professional-looking websites that reflect your brand and support your business goals.

Packages - Details

What's Included in Website Design Packages

Please find below a comprehensive list of what is included in our website design packages.

STARTER - £575
PREMIUM - £975
Hosting for 12 months - worth over $40
Domain name for 12 months
Hosted email
Three-page website, e.g. Home, Services, Contact page
Two additional pages, e.g. About us & Blog
Functional contact form
Content copywriting & improvement
Stock images, if needed
Google Analytics & Tag Manager set up
Keyword research
Basic SEO to include Meta tags, sitemap etc

Select your website package

Ready to take the first step towards your dream website? We’re excited to help you make it a reality! To get started, all we need is a 50% deposit and a fully completed order form. Once we receive these, we’ll get to work crafting your new website. 

Only after we have completed building your website will you need to pay the remaining 50%. Once full payment has been made, you will have full copyright ownership and complete control over your stunning new website. 

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please contact us.

Starter Package - £575

Premium Package - £575

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order our website design package, and how it works?

To provide clarity about our website design services, we’ve compiled a list of Q&A. If you still have questions, feel free to ask our friendly SEO-Owl or send us an email.

We ask for a 50% upfront payment to get started. The other 50% will be upon completion of your website. Once we receive your payment in full, we will hand over your website login details. You will have 100% copyright. We will also add your website to our Gallery of recent works.

A business portfolio website lets you showcase your business, highlight your expertise, and display your best work to potential clients or employers. The site also serves as a platform for visitors to learn more about your services.

A fully completed functional website, including hosting with a domain name for 12 months.

The choice of name will depend on availability - if somebody has already bought it, you can't have it. However, the domain extension, e.g. '.com', might mean your preferred name is available. 

We offer any one of the following domain extensions, with our offer valid for one year. For your convenience, we've given the current renewal costs.



*Subject to change


c. $10.99





















At the end of 12 months you will have the option to renew, the renewal fee will be payable directly to the hosting company, and not to

Please note, the renewal cost does not cover the renewal of your domain name. Additional charges for the domain name will apply based on the prices on the day of renewal.

You will have the ability to add additional pages to your website on your own.

Portfolio websites are beneficial for a wide range of service providers such as local businesses - plumbers, handymen, teachers, coaches, trainers, yoga instructors, freelancers, and artists. Essentially, anyone who wants to showcase their business, skills, experience, and services can benefit from having a portfolio website.

Your business portfolio website should have a contact form and include information such as your services, current and past projects or work samples, with optional client testimonials, contact information, and any additional resources or information relevant to your field.

We will create your website based on your answers. We will ask you to choose colour schemes to create a unique and visually appealing website.  Your website will reflect your branding and style. You can also provide us with your own photos and logo to feature on your site.

Yes, you can include additional resources such as articles, blog posts, case studies, or educational content related to your field of expertise. This helps establish your authority and provides value to visitors, further enhancing your professional reputation.

You should include clear and easily accessible contact information on your portfolio website. This can include a contact page/form, phone number, and social media profiles, so visitors can contact you.

We will start working on your portfolio website according to the agreed timeline once we receive your payment and a completed questionnaire with all the necessary information. We may contact you for any clarifications or additional details if needed during the development process.

Yes, completing a questionnaire is required before the work on your portfolio website can begin. This helps us to understand your needs, preferences, and goals, allowing us to tailor the website to your specific requirements.

All orders are manually checked. We will send you a questionnaire within 24 hours of receipt of your order. This will ask about your business or profession, preferred colour and design scheme. On receiving your completed questionnaire, we will start the work.

Our Portfolio of Recent Website Design Projects

We recently provided website design, content writing, and SEO optimisation services. See some examples below.

GourmetCats - visual website design

We recently designed a website for felines and exclusively dedicated to cat enthusiasts. The website is essentially a recipe book that contains a variety of fancy meals for cats. If you are a cat lover, we invite you to explore the website and discover new and exciting ways to treat your feline friend.

Hong Kong

The website was created as a user-friendly landing page for individuals who are interested in setting up a company in Hong Kong.

It is designed to be simple and straightforward, with only one page that contains a contact form for easy communication.


This website was created to showcase products and services, and provide an easy way for potential clients to contact the business. It consists of three pages: home, about, and contact.

Olena School designed by seo secrets

We created an impressive one-page portfolio website for a private tutoring service catering to English and German services for Ukrainian children. The client booked a professional photographer to make the site look personal and captivating. 


This website is specifically created to provide a user-friendly landing page for those who are interested in establishing a company in RAK, UAE. The website is designed to be simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate. It consists of only one page that includes a contact form.

Kateryna Design

A portfolio website was created to showcase services and display design portfolio links. 

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