About SEO Secrets

About SEO Secrets

Welcome to SEO-secrets.com, a website created to help small to medium type businesses and entrepreneurs to set up an online presence through website design, content writing and search optimisation, brand strategy and more. 

Feel free to explore and discover how we can assist you!

Please note that this data is based on a single source (Forbes Advisor), and other sources may report slightly different numbers. Nonetheless, this data shows a positive trend in the number of businesses with a website over the years.

What Can We Do

Our skills and how we aquired them.

Website Design

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in website design. We have used a range of tools such as Serif Web Designer, Mobirise, WordPress, and AI to create exceptional websites. As we have progressed in our knowledge and skills, we have expanded our services to provide the best web design solutions for our clients.

Optimisation services

We understand the importance of continuous improvement in SEO. Our optimisation services include a comprehensive range of strategies such as content writing, keyword research, meta titles and descriptions. We use professional SEO tools and research services. Additionally, for Etsy shop sellers, we provide tailored solutions to optimise their shop listings and branding to help them stand out in the Etsy marketplace.

Visual Design

Visual design includes customer-friendly website layout design, consultation as to the colour palette schemes, logo design and typography. We use professional graphic programmes and equipment and can also create other brand items for use on social media or printing.

Consulting Service

We provide personalised consulting services for SEO, website design, technical audit, and branding. Let us help you boost your online presence, optimise your website, or create a distinctive brand identity.

Interesting facts:

According to a survey by HubSpot, 38% of website users will leave a website if they find the layout or design unattractive. 

P.S. We hope that you like the design of seo-secrets.com

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